Notes from Inter-County Drain Commission Board Meeting on October 3, 2018
(Recorded by Frank Jurenka, PPLF Director)

Joe Wasserman, PPLF President and Frank Jurenka, PPLF Director attended the Inter-County Drain Commission Board Meeting on the morning of October 3, 2018. Also in attendance were: Brady Harrington, Chair, MI Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Christopher Quattrin, Berrien County Drain Commissioner; Joe Parman, Van Buren County Drain Commissioner; Anne Hendrix Secretary, Berrien County Drain Commission; and James Davis from the MDOT.

After preliminaries, Christopher Quattrin presented a quote from Spicer to inspect the full drain; investigate the M140 basin for amount and type of sediment; and to develop recommendations for changes in the drain and clean-out specifications for the basin. The actual cost of the clean-out was not provided.

There was a lengthy discussion including a request from the PPLF that Spicer look at the seven (7) properties that could potentially be contributing to the the sediment in the drain and basin. The PPLF made a commitment of up to $3,000 for the drain analysis and up to $8,000 for the clean-out of the basin. There was a decision to reduce the Spicer proposed scope to an investigation of the drain from the Mud Pond to North Watervliet Road as outlined in Task 1 in the proposal document. This scope adjustment resolution was passed. This scope of activity replaces the current PPLF Spicer proposal request.
Investigation of sediment sources based on the composition of the sediment as well as chemical content was dropped.
The farmer on whose land the spoils from the M140 basin is going will be contacted to see if he would like more sediment and chemical content assessment.
A second resolution was then passed to accept a contribution from the PPLF for $3,000 for the replaced Task 1 (drain assessment) and to accept a contribution for $8,000 for the clean-out of the basin. Brady Harrington measured the distance compared to the 4.5 mile drain and concluded that this amount of money was adequate for the scope of work. The M140 basin clean-out will require another Inter-County Drain Commission Board Meeting to accept and authorize a Spicer quote for this scope of work. The PPLF representatives at the meeting made it clear that the PPLF wanted to be recognized for paying for this scope of work to proactively avoid criticism of additional drain expenses for Paw Paw Lake owners who are not in the drain district. All agreed. Although the question was not asked and answered, it appears that the actual M140 basin volume of sediment measurement will be included in the above scope of work or be charged to the drain district. Note that the proposed cost for Spicer to do the sediment measurement work is $2,000 to $3,000.

Since a representative from the MDOT, James Davis, was in the meeting, Frank Jurenka raised the issue of the culvert under M140 be clogged on one side with sediment. It was the PPLF’s understanding that this culvert was to be cleaned-out at the time of the basin construction, but this clean-out was not completed. Christopher Quattrin then asked James Davis to have this clean-out done at the MDOT’s expense, and James Davis agreed to it. Christopher Quattrin agreed to have the culvert clean-out completed and to send the bill to the MDOT.

During the meeting and at the end, Frank Jurenka, stressed that Mark Malin, PPLF Director, was taking his place as PPLF Board Liaison for the Inter-County Drain Commission Board. It was requested that Mark Malin, PPLF Director, be included in future meetings of the Inter-County Drain Commission Board as well as be present when the drain inspection is performed by the Spicer team. All agreed. Frank Jurenka will send Anne Hendrix and Christopher Quattrin a reminder of these requests.