Inter-county Drain Board Meeting Minutes 10/3/2018
(Recorded by Frank Jurenka PPLF)

PPLF President Joe Wasserman and Frank Jurenka from the PPLF Board attended the subject meeting this AM. Also in attendance were: Brady Harrington, Chair MiDept of Ag and Rural Development, Christopher Quattrin, BC County DC, Joe Parman, VBC DC, Anne Hendrix Secretary BC DC and a James Davis from MDOT.

After preliminaries, Quattrin presented a quote from Spicer to inspect the full drain, investigate the M140 basin for amount and type of sediment and to develop recommendations for changes in the drain and clean-out spec for the basin. The actual cost of the clean out is not provided. This proposal is shown in the attachments.

After lengthy discussion including presenting the existing task that the PPLF request from Spicer to look at the potentially offensive 7 properties, the PPLF commitment for $3000 for the drain analysis and $8000 for the clean-out of the basin it was decided to cut back the Spicer Proposal to investigating the drain from Mud Pond to N Watervliet Road as a variation to task 1 in the Doc. A resolution was passed to this basic effect. This activity then replaces the current PPLF activity of Spicer for the PPLF with the same initiatives.

Investigation of sediment sources based on the composition of the sediment as well as chemical content were dropped.
The farmer on whose land the spoils from the M140 basin is going to be contacted to see if he would like more. 

A second resolution was then passed to accept a contribution from the PPLF for $3000 for the replaced task 1 (drain assessment) and to accept a contribution for $8000 for the clean out of the basin. Mr. Harrington measured the distance compared to the 4.5 mile drain and concluded that the amount of $ was about right. The M140 basin clean- will require another IC DC meeting to accept and authorize a Spicer quote for this. We made it clear that we wanted the PPLF recognized as basically paying for this to head off criticism of drain expenses for PPL owners who are not in the drain district. All agreed.While I did not really ask this question, I think that the actual M140 basin volume of sediment measurement will be swallowed up in the above or be charged to the district. Note the amount of $2000 to $3000 for Spicer to do this.

Since the MDOT guy was in the meeting I raised the issue of the culvert under M140 be clogged on one side with sediment and was to be cleaned out at the time of the basin construction, but was not done. Quattrin then asked the MDOT rep to have this done at their expense and he agreed to it. Quattrin agreed to have it done and send the bill to MDOT.

During the meeting and at the end, stressed that Mark Malin was taking my place as he is on the board of the PPLF and would like him included in the next IC-DB as well as being present with Spicer when the drain inspection is performed. All agreed and will send Anne Hendrix and Quattrin a reminder to that effect.