Letter to Berrien County Drain Commissioner

Recommendation for lake level control during drought conditions
Chris QuattrinSeptember 2018
Berrien County Drain Commissioner
701 Main Street
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Thank you for your consideration of our input as you move forward with requesting a redesign of the Paw Paw Lake Weir. 

There are two issues that we wish you to be aware of that are of concern to the property owners on Paw Paw Lake. 

1. We have experienced over the years, specifically at the end of summer, dangerously low lake levels. When the lake level is very low it creates serious navigational and safety problems.

The fix…. Design the weir so that the overflow gate and the lake level is adjustable. Implement a design that permits a few inches of the spring water level to be saved above the normal lake level so that it is available when evaporation and/or limited rain over the summer causes the lake level to become a navigational hazard.

The weir gate should also have the ability to be rapidly lowered to design level if flooding is a concern and circumstances warrant. 

2. Install a lake level monitoring system at the weir site that can be remotely accessed. 

Details of our recommendations are attached. 

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate you working with us.

Joe Wasserman