December 2023

Dear Paw Paw Lake Community Member,

Once each year we ask you for your financial support to further our improve the water quality of our lake.  Good water quality enhances our enjoyment of the lake and protects our property values.

Water quality improvement has been a challenge.  Your past donations are greatly appreciated and have been critical in meeting our goal to continuously improve the quality of our lake water.

        -  In 2022 the Foundation, in cooperation with the Special Assessment District            (SAD), co-funded the clean-out of all of the storm drains that surrounded the lake.
           The Foundation contributed $27,000 to this project.  

        -  A few years ago, because of your donations, the Foundation was able to co-fund            the installation of a sediment basin on a major County drain that drains directly into            our lake.  The basin captures the nutrient-rich run-off from farms along the drain.            This year the Foundation funded the removal of the sediment collected in the basin.            Over 50 cubic yards of nutrient-rich sediment was removed.  This project was            completed this spring.  (Actual cost $18,000.)          

        -  The majority of the nutrients that continue to flow into our lake are from run-off from            farms along the County drains.  Your Foundation is co-funding a study to identify            problem areas along the drains and develop solutions to reduce or eliminate            the nutrient run-off into the lake.  (Funds approved so far $3,500.)

Please support our important efforts with your donation to The Paw Paw Lake Foundation, P.O. Box 341, Watervliet, MI, 49098.

Thank you,

Joe Wasserman

The Paw Paw Lake Foundations is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Paw 
Paw Lake, Coloma Michigan.  Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible under IRS 501 (c) (3) requirements.
Dedicated to the Preservation, Protection and Improvement of Paw Paw Lake, Its Ecosystem and Watershed
P.O. Box 341, Watervliet, Michigan  49098
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