Dear Paw Paw Lake Community Member,                                                                           November 2018

Once a year we ask you for your financial support. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the water quality of our lake. I am pleased to report on the progress that has been made due to the efforts of the Foundation. Most of our success was possible because of the generous past contributions from the Paw Paw Lake community. Again this year we need your support.

  • High nutrient levels in the lake cause accelerated weed and algae growth.

  • The testing equipment provided by your contributions now allows us to measure the level of nutrients entering the lake from the Branch and Derby Drain (B&D) after significant rain events. Testing indicated high levels of sediment and nutrient flow. The collected data will help to determine ways to reduce sediment and nutrient levels flowing into the lake from the drain.

  • A sediment basin was constructed to trap the sediment flowing into the lake from the B&D drain and was co-funded by the Foundation. It has proved to be very beneficial and is nearly full of sediment. It now needs to be dredged to remove the sediment. The dredging project will be funded by the Foundation. 

  • A significant nutrient and sediment flow into the B&D drain is coming from the adjoining farm properties. The Foundation has met with the property owners who are willing to work with us, along with the Special Assessment District committee, the Drain Commissioners, and an environmental consultant to determine the best methods to reduce the erosion run off and nutrient flow into the drain. Hopefully, we will be able to co-fund an erosion control project, which will allow work to start as soon as possible.  

  • Finally, the Foundation is working with the Drain Commissioner and other agencies to improve the weir design to better control the lake level for both wet and dry seasons.

Improving Paw Paw Lake, its water quality and ecosystem is the Foundation’s primary goal. The future of our lake and our property values are up to us. Please support our important efforts with your contribution to: Paw Paw Lake Foundation, P.O. Box 341, Watervliet MI. 49098. 

​Thank you in advance for your generosity.  (Check out our website /

Joe Wasserman  
Paw Paw Lake Foundation

The Paw Paw Lake Foundations is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Paw 
Paw Lake, Coloma Michigan.  Donations to the Foundations are tax deductible under IRS 501 (c) (3) requirements.
Dedicated to the Preservation, Protection and Improvement of Paw Paw Lake, Its Ecosystem and Watershed
P.O. Box 341, Watervliet, Michigan  49098