Some things to think about

Lake Level Management

The Berrien Count Drain Commissioner is currently exploring a redesign of the existing drainage weir system.

The weir, located at the far southwest corner of the lake and at the far end of Douglas Bay, was designed and installed years ago by the Army Core of Engineers.  Its main function is to allow water to drain out of the lake when the lake level exceeds the designated level.  High lake levels usually occur in the spring as a result of high precipitation.  The current weir is functioning as designed, but flood level water currently drains from the lake relatively slowly.  

A new design using advanced technology could result in improved lake level management.  The Foundation is involved with the process and will keep you informed.

Boat Safety

We all love our watercraft.  What could be better than a fun day on the lake?  The answer.  A safe day on the lake!  Boats and jet skis can be so much fun, but if not operated safely, they can be very dangerous.

Follow Michigan State Law and use common sense.

Stay at least 100 feet away from piers and other boats.

Other than when in the center of the lake, travel in a counter clockwise direction.

Make sure your watercraft complies with the required safety equipment.

The Paw Paw Lake Special Assessment District (SAD)

The funds generated by the Paw Paw Lake Special Assessment District are used exclusively to improve Paw Paw Lake.  The SAD Committee's use of funds to combat the invasive weed problem has been extremely successful.  A job well done and appreciated.  Support the SAD by writing or talking to your Township Trustees and asking them to continue the SAD.  Tell them how good the lake looks and how important a clean lake is to you.

The Scoop on
Goose Poop

Geese add tremendous amounts of bacteria and nutrients to the lake.  Geese can defecate as many as 92 times a day.  Just 50 geese can produce two and a half tons of excrement in a year.  Every dropping contains nitrogen and phosphorus, the major contributors to accelerated weed growth in Paw Paw Lake.  The Foundation sponsors a goose relocation roundup authorized by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources every spring.  The event is humane and the geese are rounded up and transported to a state approved contractor.  As many as 120 geese have been relocated in a year.

Please Don't Do It

Don't dump​ grass, weeds, or leaves into the lake.

Why?  Because decaying organic material creates nutrients, namely phosphorus.

Don't use fertilizer that contains phosphorus. Why?  Because run off from lake front properties go directly into the lake.

Don't dump anything into the street drains except water.  Why?  Because the street drains drain directly into the lake.

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