Congratulations to everyone who helped pass the Special Assessment Districts for Coloma and Watervliet. Both townships have placed the assessment on the winter tax bills. Everything is in place for the first application of Sonar this spring. Details for the aeration program are proceeding. 

According to experts, these two programs will reduce and/or eliminate the Eurasian Milfiol over time and reduce some of the nutrients currently in the lake. However, nutrients are still flowing into the lake through the county drain system. Reducing the nutrients that flow into the lake from the county drains is the third important step we must take to improve Paw Paw Lake water quality.

PPLF has taken steps to find a solution to inflow from the largest drain…the Branch Darby Drain. Last year J. F. New and the Spicer Group received and $35,000 grant to study the drain and recommend actions to reduce the flow of nutrients as well as the amount of sediments carried into the lake by this flow. The sediments carry not only nutrients, but heavy metals and other undesirable elements into our lake. 

These experts tell us that the solution is doable. The PPLF is working with both the Van Buren and Berrien County Drain Commissioners and Coloma and Watervliet Townships on logistics and funding for the Branch Darby Drain solution. Phase 1 of the project has been funded and has started.  See tab "breaking news" for details.

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